Your Preferred Window Contractor

With an ever expanding selection of windows, patio doors, and related products – KLM Contractors makes it their mission to stay on top of the latest trends. Windows have different functions and different styles that do not suit every room or every home. Therefore, it is important to consult a professional in order to know which styles are the best for your home.

Among other reasons, upgrading your windows and doors can add true value to the quality of your home as well as increase the price. Property values clearly correlate with the amount and appeal of the windows and doors. Moreover, windows are known to amplify the home living experience greatly. Much like a great door with a flawless installation can prevent a home robbery. Here at KLM Contractors, we give you our personal guarantee that we install doors and windows so that they won’t fail you in times of need.

Noise Reduction

Great windows and great installation that will keep all the outside noise out!


Big and stylish windows are proven to increase the value of any home!

Natural Light

Brighten up your home with natural light and save on electricity use!