The Vision

To enhance the quality of their life and the exterior of their home, a Beach Haven West, New Jersey homeowner got in touch with us about making an addition to their home. When hearing about the idea for the project, we were instantly excited! Creative additions projects not only enhance the home and living experience, they also significantly increase the value of the property, making them a worthy investment! We got to work immediately and started planning out the vision for the project as well as the formalities, deadlines, materials, and so forth.

Phase 1 – Structure

At the start of every home improvement project, especially additions to a home, we ensure to spend extra careful time planning to ensure a smooth process. There are key factors that are essential in an additions project, they include: design, planning, permits, inspection, and much more. Fortunately, working with professionals like KLM Contractors ensures that this is a seamless process. We finalize this beginning phase by successfully putting up the frame or base structure. In doing so, we make sure that everything is ready to proceed with the additions.

Phase 2 – Build

Now comes the fun part! Our construction team will proceed to building the additions according to the plan. Thanks to our years and years of experience, we have this process perfected and all of our clients are surprised by how quickly we are able to complete a new build. Building any new structure requires constant referencing to the plans while completing inspections as well as continuous monitoring. You will never have to worry about damage to your property or your landscaping because our process utilizes every tool available to keep the job site clean and safe. In fact, most cases of additions to your home do not interfere with your daily life so you can live uninterrupted and worry-free.

Phase 3 – Interior

After completing the build, we move onto the interior of the addition. In this phase we focus on all the finishes inside, trims, molding, floors, light fixtures, and so forth. Basically, the entire interior is completed during this phase and ready for action. Most often, our clients are completely satisfied but occasionally minor changes or retouches are requested at this point. Perhaps the homeowner did not envision the look of the light in the ceiling and wants to replace the model or simply have a door painted. KLM Contractors will stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are completely happy with their homes so this is not a problem. After all, we’ll make your dream home come true!

Phase 4 – Post-Inspection

We would not be Pennsylvania’s Preferred Home Improvement contractors if we did not check our work and ensure that your family is safe in your new living space. Our team of experts goes through the additions inch-by-inch, checking to find any flaws. Luckily, we have never encountered a flaw by our team but we do not plan on it in the future and thus this post-inspection phase is essential. At the end of this process, we can guarantee that your additions are safe for living. The structure and interior have been inspected thoroughly and shall any problems arise we are just one call away. We take great pride in our work and will usually take “after photos” and document the finished project. Now you are all set to utilize your new space and enjoy our pristine craftsmanship.

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